​Gaga Wardrobe Malfunction From Gaining Too Much Weight​​

Lady Gaga has a wardrobe malfunction that was a bit more embarrassing. As the multi-award-winning artist kicked off the North American stretch of her Born This Way Ball tour in Vancouver, Canada, she had a bit of a mishap.

While she was performing Heavy Metal Lover, she came out on stage as a motorcycle but split her latex pants, right at her backside in the process.

The 26-year-old artist was featured wearing a pink wig and a full leather ensemble, after the motorcycle bit, she broke apart from the bike and joined her dancers.

Gaga chose to use Versace costumes for this tour.

“Tonight @ladygaga is kicking off the N. American portion of her tour w a full new set of Versace costumes for herself and her dancers too!” the fashion house tweeted on Friday night.

It is doubtful that she will be shedding any weight in-spite of this mishap.

“I am not going to go on a psycho-spree because of scrutiny,” Gaga tweeted back in September before launching a new section on her website called Body Revolution. “This is who I am. And I am proud at any size.”

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