​Gary Sinise To Play FBI Agent Jack Garrett On Criminal Minds

Gary Sinise set to make his return to CBS.
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Jan, 19, 2015 | 5:34 PM

Gary Sinise is set to join a Criminal Minds spinoff on CBS after ending his two-year run on CSI:NY. The Hollywood Reporter learned that the new spinoff “is currently set as a pilot that will shoot in mid-February.” The show is about the FBI helping American citizens who are in trouble abroad.

Gary Sinise will play FBI veteran Jack Garrett, who is currently in charge of the agency’s top team for handling cases involving Americans abroad. It’s an interesting concept and one that could mean suspense for the show. The pilot will be shot next month with an episode ready this season.

Entertainment Weekly pointed out that the episode will be written by Erica Messer. “This marks CBS’ second attempt to spinoff Minds and it might bolster the project’s odds of success by tapping an actor who was on the network for nine seasons on CSI: NY.” The Criminal Minds spinoff appears to be a challenge for the network, but so far they got the right people this time.

Original Criminal Minds cast.

“Well, the first lesson is do it better,” CBS entertainment chairman Nina Tassler told critics earlier this week when asked about trying another Minds spinoff. “One of the things I will say is Erica Messer, who is doing this incarnation of the spin-off, Erica has been a part of the CBS series since day one, from when the show first launched. She has been key in the show continuing to blossom and grow and evolve in these past couple of years … So I think having Erica behind it, she’s an extraordinary writer, one of the best showrunners in our business. So I think that is one of the key differences from the previous spin-off to what we’re doing now.”

CBS was pleased with Gary Sinise on CSI: NY and had been looking for another show for him over the past year and a half, which brought him to the Criminal Minds spinoff, notes Examiner. The actor immediately responded to the request and saw a fit. The Criminal Minds spinoff has some momentum with a writer like Erica and Gary being the main actor.

Gary Sinise has won an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and has been nominated for an Academy Award. He is known for several memorable roles. These include Lt. Dan Taylor in “Forrest Gump,” Harry S. Truman in “Truman,” and Ken Mattingly in “Apollo 13.”

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