​Genevieve Kelley On $250,000 Bail: Jail Releases Kelley After Paying Cash Bail

Author: Jennifer HongBy:
Staff Reporter
Jan. 14, 2015

Genevieve Kelley is out on $250,000 bail after spending nearly three weeks in a New Hampshire jail. The former fugitive thanked her friends and supporters who helped pay for her cash bail, according to WMUR. Kelley made national headlines after she fled with her daughter to Central America 10 years ago during a custody dispute with her ex-husband, Mark Nunes, whom she accused of sexually abusing their child, Mary.

“It took us longer than we thought, but we made her bail,” one of her friends, who wishes to remain anonymous, said.

In November, without her daughter, who is now 18, the 50-year-old returned to New Hampshire to face a custodial-interference charge in Coos County. She posted a $50,000 bail, but was sent to Grafton County Jail a month later after a prosecutor raised questions about whether she failed to turn in passports under other names. Her second bail was set at $250,000.

“[I thank those] who had generously trusted me and contributed to my bail,” she said in a statement.

While Genevieve Kelley is out on $250,000 bail, it does come with conditions. She is now allowed to have any contact with her daughter who is still considered missing because she remains in hiding. Nunes was cleared of the charges.

Genevieve turned herself into authorities in November. Her lawyer says she wants a trial; she faces two counts of custodial interference, according to WLOS. Kelley is a family practice doctor.

During a court hearing on December 18, 2014, in Coos County, New Hampshire, a judge re-set Genevieve Kelley’s bail at $250,000 cash. She was sent back to jail to await her trial. County Attorney John McCormick wanted the court to order an evaluation and treatment of Nunes free from her mother’s influence.

The judge didn’t rule on the prosecutor’s request to order that Nunes be brought out of hiding before she was released. Genevieve Kelley didn’t say where her daughter, 18-year-old Mary Nunes is hiding. Her lawyer says an 18-year-old can’t be forced to appear before the court “without her even being accused of having committed a crime or being a threat to herself or anyone else.”

While Genevieve Kelley is out on $250,000 bail, Nunes, who last saw his daughter when she was just 7, hopes to reunite with her soon. In a letter sent to McCormick earlier this year, Kelley said she worked with the family court system to no avail, notes Union Leader. She admitted to violating a family court custody decision in order to protect her daughter.

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