​George Clooney Parents Praise Amal Alamuddin

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April 28, 2021

George Clooney Parents - The actor’s father and mother talk about his engagement to Amal Alamuddin after the paparazzi photographed Clooney’s ring.

“The barristers and staff of Doughty Street Chambers offer their best wishes and congratulations to Ms. Amal Alamuddin … and Mr. George Clooney on their engagement to be married,” an official statement by Clooney’s lawyer said.

Clooney’s parents got in on the action as well. Dad Nicholas Clooney — also known as the Kentucky guy who was arrested in Washington, D.C., with the Oscar winner back in 2012 when father and son were protesting vioence in the Sudan — confirmed the engagement to the New York Daily News over the phone Monday, adding, “We think Amal is a wonderful girl, and it’s wonderful news. We think it will be a great marriage.”

The Daily Mail tracked down mama Nina Clooney, who allowed that publication to “say I’m extremely happy” and echoed her husband’s opinion of Alamuddin. The fiancée-to-be was reportedly introduced to the parents about a year ago, which would pre-date romantic rumors about the couple that bubbled up last October.

The 52-year-old actor brought his Lebanon-born girlfriend and his parents all to see a White House screening of his recent flick “The Monuments Men” in February, the paper said.

Nina Clooney called Alamuddin “brilliant,” “bright” and her son’s equal on an intellectual level. “Amal’s world couldn’t be more different from the Hollywood lifestyle,” she said.

Wonder how that last bit is playing with George’s former flames, who include onetime pro wrestler Stacy Keibler, model Elisabetta Canalis and a string of actresses.

Before working for her British law firm, Alamuddin was at a New York firm where her clients included Enron and Arthur Anderson, according to Forbes, which has gone into detail on her involvement in international law. At Doughty Street, clients have included WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and she also advised former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan when he was working as a U.N.-Arab League envoy to Syria.