​George Lopez Arrested At Caesars Windsor From Casino Floor​​

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March 1, 2021

George Lopez took the Colosseum stage at Caesars Windsor after he was arrested in Las Vegas for public intoxication inside the casino. It’s probably a great way to loosen up after Lopez was publicly embarrassed.

“I just did in Windsor what Justin Bieber does in America,” Lopez said to cheers and hoots. “A guy can’t have 52 shots? You know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what (expletive) happens in Windsor, everyone knows about.”

Lopez thanked the crowd for coming to the show, especially considering he was “face down asleep not 100 feet from here.”

What happened to George Lopez?

He said he’s been drinking a long time and had his first alcoholic beverage at 13. “I wasn’t driving…” he said about Thursday night to big cheers. “No one got hurt and everyone got a big (expletive) laugh.”

Lopez said he was drinking tequila the night before.

“I used to be able to handle that…” he said. “I woke up this morning, wait, this doesn’t look like the Windsor hotel. Wait a second; I’m not sharing my suite with a black guy. How did they find a black guy in Windsor anyway?”

The first 10 minutes of his show were sprinkled with jokes about being found passed out on the floor in the casino bar on Thursday evening. The 52-year-old was arrested for public intoxication by the Ontario Provincial Police unit around 11 p.m. and then turned over to Windsor police, where he was released without charges. Lopez’s arrest was a main news story across North America and reported by many news organizations including the Los Angeles Times, New York Post and CNN.

Most concertgoers found Lopez’s drunken antics amusing. Rodney Denis said before the show that he would be shocked if Lopez didn’t address his arrest.

What Lopez conducting a publicity stunt?

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a publicity stunt,” Denis said.

While Alex Usakov is a big Lopez fan, he said his wife was appalled by the comedian’s drinking because he received a kidney a few years ago from his former wife.

“That’s how he treats himself?” his wife said to him.

Toni Bruner had no plans to use her complimentary tickets to the show until she heard about Lopez’s brush with police. She had no babysitter lined up but once she started texting her girlfriend about the TV star, they hatched a plan to see the show. She said she owed it to herself to follow up on the article she posted about him on Facebook.

“I didn’t want to miss what would happen,” she said.

Gus Oliveira drove from Hamilton to Windsor Friday afternoon unaware of Lopez’s drinking ordeal. He said he got a text message from a friend while on the road. It said, “Good luck watching (Lopez). He’s in jail.” Oliveira said he thought the text was a prank until he got to his hotel room and saw a story about the arrest on CNN.

Lopez didn’t disappoint. He came onstage to huge cheers and seemed to bask in the audience’s enthusiasm.

“There are 5,000 people here,” he said. “We should all get as (drunk) as I was last night. They can’t catch all of us.”

New Saint George Series Premiere:

Lopez has had a successful career starring in his own syndicated sitcom, George Lopez, from 2002-2007, had a TV talk show for two years and has appeared in dozens of movies and guest appearances on TV.

The comedian has a new 30-minute show on FX, Saint George, that premieres March 6 at 9 p.m. The show features Lopez as a newly divorced working man who is balancing his ex-wife with his demanding mother.