George Lopez Wife Upset

George Lopez wife says he cheated. The wife of George Lopez saved his life 5 years ago when he needed a kidney. The actor appears to be the latest man to be added to the list of disgrace celebrities.

“I had sex with George Lopez for money, and so did a friend of mine,” Tiffany, a prostitute, said in a statement. “He wanted a threesome and texted me.” She is an escort in Tampa Bay, Florida. While we were unable to verify a “Tiffany,” or the accuracy of this report, other news outlets claim the story is true.

If true, I can we can say that he prefers hookers and Jesse James likes the tattooed tramps. There is a certainty that business partner and longtime friend Sandra Bullock will be less than comforting to him in this situation. Bullock has filed for a divorce and has moved to New Orleans as she plans to be a single mother to her adopted child.

In 2005 George’s spouse, Ann Serrano, saved his life by giving him one of her kidneys after he needed a transplant due to a deteriorating genetic disease. Most people find it difficult to understand how this could happen to someone who saved his life, but then again, society and Hollywood celebrities have gone crazy. We can only hope this rumor is false, she does appear to be upset, but we were unable to confirm the report.

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