​Geraldo Rivera Expressed Relief Daughter Simone Was Safe During Soccer Game Amid Paris Attacks

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Nov. 16, 2015

Geraldo Rivera breaks down as he recalls the harrowing moments of daughter Simone’s escape from the terror attack in Paris where she is currently studying. Rivera is a tough talking lawyer and TV host but like any parent whose child is placed in a dangerous situation, he broke down and cried as he was asked to recount what happened to his daughter Simone, according to TheWrap.

Rivera, 72, held a photo of her daughter as he slowly narrated what happened after he and his family learned that Simone was in the soccer match in the stadium where terrorists set off bombs. Geraldo said, “My daughter Simone told me she heard the three explosions near halftime…It was chaos.”

Geraldo Rivera expressed relief that his daughter was safe

She was in one of the sites of the horrific terror attack on the French capital. Geraldo Rivera also expressed relief that Simone was in the stadium and not at the concert in the Bataclan arts center where “Eagles of Death Metal” was playing.

Geraldo Rivera It was the venue with the highest number of casualties as gunmen stormed in and began shooting everyone inside. Geraldo also shared their family’s plan to be in France on Thanksgiving to celebrate it with his daughter. Simone is studying in France as a junior in college.

The veteran newsman added, “The Rivera family is tremendously relieved, but we mourn for all the other families who have suffered so much.” Geraldo went on to reveal, “The kids in [her] exchange program are going through counseling.”

Geraldo Rivera also told Fox News his take on the attacks, which he described as a “colossal failure of intelligence.” He went on to vigorously express, “We have to destroy ISIS in Syria and Iraq or this will be the future for our children and our children’s children.” Geraldo also spoke of his reunion with his daughter Simone after the attacks.

A little after sharing this information with the audience, Geraldo managed to get in touch with his daughter on live television and narrated the horrific experience. On November 15, he posted a photo of him and Simone on his personal Twitter account with the following caption: “Reunited in Paris with my brave darling daughter Simone. So relieved.” We are glad to hear that all members of the Rivera family are safe and sound. #PrayForParis.

Millions of people watched Geraldo Rivera as he told his emotional story as he tried to communicate with his daughter Simone, who was in the Stade de France during the Paris terrorist attacks. He was so shaken, that he flew to Paris to cover the events for the network and to reunite with his daughter.

Geraldo Rivera appeared on Fox News to talk about his daughter’s ordeal during the suicide bombing attack on France’s national soccer stadium. The soccer match was between France and Germany with no less than the French president Francois Hollande himself one of the spectators of the exhibition game.

He knew his daughter, Simone, was OK before the hug, but he said there was nothing like seeing her to really reassure himself. Simone was in the soccer stadium that a suicide bomber tried to enter before detonating outside.

Geraldo Rivera told Fox a good Samaritan picked up his daughter after she was stranded at the stadium. He said his daughter heard three explosions.

Geraldo Rivera said, “I’m used to being in the action myself. I can’t, I can’t, it’s a lot easier to report these things and to experience them myself than if it is your child. She just turned 21 years old, she’s a straight A student, she’s a wonderful, wonderful person and a very gentle soul and we’re obviously very concerned.”

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