​Grant Hill Supports Tamia R&B Permance At Highline Ballroom​​

Although Grant Hill retried from the NBA last week, he celebrated with his wife Tamia as she performed for a large crowd in New York City, and it was actually quite good.

The former pro basketball player and New York Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudemire watched from the VIP section of the Highline Ballroom as Tamia sang R&B tunes for a few hundred people.

Hill last played for the Los Angeles Clippers. The 40-year-old also played for Detroit, Orlando and Phoenix in his 19-season career.

Tamia gave Hill a shout-out before singing the song “Still” saying, “We’re celebrating almost 15 years of marriage.”

Having a legendary producer like Quincy Jones for one’s debut single is a rare opportunity for most aspiring artists. Luckily, for Canadian-bred singer-songwriter Tamia, Jones crafted her 1995 hit “You Put a Move On My Heart,” which became a top ten R&B hit and earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.

Seventeen years later, the 36-year-old singer aims to recapture that chart-topping success with her June release, Beautiful Surprise.

“It’s not just the track that was the reason why I named the album ‘Beautiful Surprise.’ It’s just sort of really [about] life’s beautiful surprises,” Tamia told the Huffington Post.

Most people say that Tamia and Hill are living a true love story.