​Greg Raymer Arrested At Hotel Sting Used For Prostitution​​

By: | 03/17/2013 06:19 PM ET

Greg Raymer was arrested by police in Wake Forest, North Carolina, when he showed up at a hotel looking for a prostitute.

The professional poker player was charged with misdemeanor prostitution and an attempted crime against nature.

Raymer, known as “Fossilman,” due to his collecting of fossils, was picked up along with five other men who responded to an advertisement on a website that prostitutes use to arrange dates. The ad was posted by an undercover cop.

“Mr. Raymer is very sorry for this lapse in judgement,” his lawyer, Wade M. Smith, said in a statement. “He regrets deeply the pain he has caused his family, friends and fans. Mr. Raymer is grateful for the many expressions of support he has received.”

Reportedly, the 48-year-old lives in Wakefield, N.C. with his wife, Cheryl, and their daughter Sophie. He was released from jail after posting a $1,000 bond; his court date is set for April 18.

“The locations prostitutes choose for this type of criminal activity vary and seldom remain the same for more than a couple of days at a time, which makes enforcement difficult,” Wake Forest Police Chief Jeff Leonard said in a written statement.

Additionally, busted in the sting was attorney Christopher Burell Shella, 41, who is famous for representing Duke lacrosse gang-rape accuser Crystal Mangum after she was arrested for murder in 2011.