​Gwen And Blake Questions: The Voice Co-Hosts Dodge All Questions About Show Romance As Adam Levine Sings During Interview

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Dec, 9, 2015

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton left too many questions unanswered during a joint interview with all the coaches from the The Voice. Gwen and Blake didn’t say much and it at one point co-host Adam Levine went into a song, according to Daily Mail.

The questions came Monday morning from the Today show, and it became more awkward for them to sit there. Gwen Stefani did not sit next to Blake Shelton during the foursome’s appearance, but instead was seated between Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams.

Gwen and Blake questions remain as Adam Levine poses for picture

Today co-anchor Natalie Morales didn’t hold back asking the tough questions about the romance on the show. “Is it good to just be out in the open now?” she asked the new couple. “That was a nice segue,” Williams quipped.

Before Gwen and Blake could answer more questions, Levine started to sing, “Next question! Ask the next question before it gets awkward.” The No Doubt frontwoman couldn’t stop laughing at her fellow coaches’ response to Morales.

One relationship the foursome was willing to talk about was Levine and Shelton’s “bromance.” “I hate his stupid face,” Levine joked.

When asked what song would best describe the guys’ friendship, Blake had a few ideas. “You know that song ‘That Smell’?” he said, referring to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s 1977 classic. “Or what about ‘Lick It Up’?” he added, referencing the 1983 hit by KISS. Shelton also has a bromance with fellow musician, Luke Bryan. The country crooner admitted that he’s yet to meet Shelton’s new girlfriend.

“He doesn’t want me to hug her or anything. He doesn’t want me to meet her,” Bryan teased. “My stepmother is an optometrist and I’m trying to get Gwen an appointment with her.”

While Gwen and Blake have yet to answer questions about their relationship, their actions continue to speak louder than words. Case in point: part one of the live semi-final performances earlier this week.

“Blake came up to Gwen from behind and kissed her on the head. It was so cute!” an onlooker said. “She turned around looking semi-shocked that he did that.”

In between breaks, the couple appeared to be more inseparable than ever giving the audience plenty of opportunities to be reveal their love for each other. And during Ellie Goulding’s pre-taped performance, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were joined by Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams for a group selfie, during which the country crooner showcased his flirty side.

Gwen and Blake don’t answer questions and avoid them at all costs, but they began dating in early November months after she ended her 13 year-marriage to ex Gavin Rossdale. Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced their divorce this summer as well, after four years of marriage.

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