​Halle Berry Dress On Leno Drives Men Crazy​​

By: | 03/15/2013 09:13 AM ET

Halle Berry’s dress on Jay Leno was stunning enough that “The Tonight Show” host wanted to keep the conversation fixed on her outfits. There’s no denying that the 46-year-old actress is still hot, as she appeared in a skimpy black mini-dress with a sheer plunge at the chest.

Berry had to explain the metallic number she wore to the 2013 Academy Awards, which drove men crazy.

“I wanted to go to the Oscars looking like a Bond girl,” she said. “I felt like I was wearing a Ferrari.”

“I enjoy driving a Ferrari,” Leno said, suggestively. “Can you drive a stick shift?”

“I learned on a stick shift,” she coyly replied.

Still on the topic of Bond, Berry explained she had to do the infamous water emerging scene - Leno’s favorite - at least 15 times. He also gave her a Bond Girl history quiz, as Berry is a self-proclaimed expert.

Aside from not knowing who Tanya Roberts was (she starred in “A View to a Kill”), Berry answered all of the questions correctly.

The action-adventure beauty, who was on the show to promote her new thriller “The Call,” also confirmed she is set to return to the “X-Men” franchise as her mainstay character Storm.

“I don’t think I’ve really said it before,” Berry said, addressing the rumors. “It’s a great role, and those residual checks don’t hurt! It’s a character I love…and I’d love to get back with Hugh [Jackman] and everybody.”