​Hilaria Baldwin Denies Arguing In Streets​​

By: | 05/12/2021 09:09 PM ET

Hilaria Baldwin, the wife of Alec Baldwin, is angry with the editors of the New York Daily News for reporting that the couple was seen arguing on the streets on New York.

Hilaria Baldwin

The multi-award-winning actor and his much younger pregnant wife were photographed while taking a stroll through Manhattan with their dogs.

Baldwin, who appears to be heated about something, was photographed gesturing angrily in his wife’s direction.

“The actor and his spouse looked like they were having a heated conversation on the sidewalk as they stepped out on a stroll with their dogs.”

Baldwin, 55, gestured emphatically with his hands as his yoga instructor spouse Hilaria, 29, kept her arms tucked behind her back. “Though Hilaria sported large sunglasses, she looked upset as she turned away from Baldwin’s tirade,” the New York Daily News post.

However, Hilaria quickly took to her Twitter page to shoot down the speculation.

Posting a link to the story, she writes, “My husband wasn’t yelling at me, he was telling me how he feels about the Daily News.”