By: John Lester
Published: Jun 26, 2021

Hobbies Of Famous People

A list of celebrities and the hobbies of famous people who are active in their personal lives. All people, whether they are famous or not, share the same interests and hobbies. Some of these stars might surprise you on what they do when the camera and lights turn off.

Angelina Jolie loves tattoos, people watching, and has a dagger collection. Somehow we’re not surprised that Jolie collects daggers. This is the woman, after all, who reportedly wore her ex-husband’s blood around her neck and she tops out life on hobbies of famous people.

Beyonce Knowles likes shopping, swimming, reading, and dancing. She doesn’t get her ridiculously tight abs by sitting around eating cheese doodles. So swimming, dancing-and of course shopping-it is. She also apparently enjoys reading.

Johnny Depp likes to play with dolls? Yes, that’s right. Actor Johnny Depp has found the inherent joy of sharing tea time with Barbie and Ken. What else can we say?

Rapper Jay-Z has a lot more going for him than that rapping career of his. He’s-take a deep breath and get ready for the list-cofounder of clothing brand Rocawear, co-owner of the 40/40 club, part-owner of the New Jersey Nets, investor in J Hotels, and an active philanthropist involved in raising awareness of the global water shortage.

J.K. Rowling does quite a bit of reading, writing, and spending time with friends. She’s managed to turn her favorite hobby, writing, into a full-time gig. We wanted to include “thinking about wizards all day” but it was far too obvious.

Brad Pitt likes architecture, interior design, and is an avid metal art collector. You would think he would be into sports cars and helicopters. Nope, he seems to be a real down to earth person.

Justin Timberlake likes to golf, plays basketball and loves video gaming. Deep down we always knew Justin Timberlake was a video game nerd. However, It’s unknown what games he plays.

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