​Hoda Kotb TV Broadcast Reveals Phone Number​​

September 8, 2021

Hoda Kotb accidentally revealed her phone number while hosting “Today” with Kathie Lee Gifford Thursday, and now she feels like a total idiot after breaching her own privacy. The 49-year-old was showing off the features of the new Samsung watchphone.

Unfortunately, her digits were displayed in a close-up shot after she called the gadget from her personal cell. Within minutes, calls began to pour in from all different cities. “Did it really show my number? Oh my God, it’s doing it again.”

“That was from Bridgeport,” she said on air after a caller hung up on her.

“Hoda, you have a lot of fans and a couple of prisoners,” quipped co-host Kathie Lee Gifford, who warned Kotb that this could happen before she began playing with the tech-forward watch.

Gifford recently experienced the same kind of cell phone slip-up when she answered a call from her daughter on air back in April.

She accidently flashed her phone to the camera so Cassidy could say hi to the the audience, but while doing so, her number was shown live on national television.

“Cassidy never forgave me,” Gifford said of her daughter, who was forced to change her number.

By the time the two morning hosts had returned from commercial break, Kotb had 20 new voicemails and 1,012 text messages.

“Oh my god, it’s happening. Oh my god,” she said in a panicked state.