​Holly Madison Wedding To Host ‘Big Bash’ Party For Baby’s Birth​​

Holly Madison is planning a “big bash” wedding for the summer with boyfriend Pasquale Rotella when she ties the knot. In addition, she is set to give birth to a baby girl in March, proving that she has a busy year planned.

“One thing at a time,” Madison, 33, told PEOPLE at Thursday’s premiere of Parker at Las Vegas’s Planet Hollywood.

“We totally want to [get married], probably in late summer. We’re going to wait until the baby comes and we get moved in to the house before I start planning any of that.”

Right now, all is going according to plan for the former Playboy pinup. Aside from moving into a new Vegas home and painting her daughter’s nursery in an Alice In Wonderland theme, Madison is even fairly certain about the type of mother she’ll be.

“It’s hard to say because it’s my first time,” she said. “I don’t want to be too strict because I think kids can get rebellious, but I hope to raise my daughter to be passionate about doing good things — about pursuing real things and real hobbies and not just frivolous material stuff.”

Madison insists that her daughter will receive plenty of love.

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