​Hough Wardrobe Malfunction: Dancing With The Stars Judge Dress Malfunction While Leaving Party

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May, 26, 2015 | 8:24 AM

Julianne Hough’s wardrobe malfunction happened at the most embarrassing moment of the night. Oops! The Dancing With The Stars judge was wearing a risqué sheer dress as she nearly tumbles while leaving a Hollywood hot spot for an afterparty last week, according to the Daily Mail.

Hough, 26, was led out of the club by her boyfriend Brooks Laich, which caused a slight shift in the material of her sexy dress. The result was an unintended wardrobe malfunction that completely exposed one part of her breast through the sheer black material.

Julianne Hough, who had no idea her nipple was exposed, guided her hockey player boyfriend quickly down the street while photographers swarmed her. Adding more action to the frame was a man holding a large plastic cup and begging for spare change from the stars. Oops!

Hough wardrobe oops was an embarrassing dress malfunction

Video footage from their walk shows the man shadowing the stars like the paparazzi. “Help me please,” he says as he rattles his cup. Laich looks over and responds, “I only have credit on me… I wish I could.”

At some point during their stroll, Julianne Hough discovered that she had a wardrobe problem and shielded herself against Laich’s chest. The problem temporarily overshadowed her performance with her brother Derek Hough during the finale.

The dancing siblings wowed with their live performance to Sia’s “Elastic Heart.”

The Hough wardrobe malfunction occurred as she wore a very racy blue velvet dress which was sheer in places and had a harlequin-shaped design running throughout. It was only when Hough held hands with her boyfriend Brooks Laich that the material in her dress shifted up, therefore exposing a little too much.

The malfunction moment was teamed with a pair of black T-bar sandals and wore her blonde locks in a tousled style. Julianne Hough was guided out of the venue by her boyfriend and another male companion as her night came to a close.

“Don’t miss our performance tonight on #Dwts @dancingabc with the one and only Sia! Plus these two mini me’s are pretty spectacular themselves :) @derekhough and I had an amazing time creating the concept for this! It’s rewarding to be able to do something this powerful on the show,” Julianne Hough tweeted.

This year’s winner, Rumer Willis was not pictured at the event on the night following her sensational final dance. Many people are making a big deal over the Hough wardrobe oops moment from the afterparty, but it’s what a person can expect after being out all night.

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