Hugh Hefner Pushed For Lindsay Lohan Playboy Photos

Hugh Hefner admits that he pushed for a Lindsay Lohan cover photo spread. He was careful because he wasn’t sure what reaction the company would receive.

When Hefner finally agreed, he asked Lohan to do a special red velvet cover with a pose as Marilyn Monroe. Even so, there was more to the story, because it was a bad week.

It was all good until a hacker stole the complete 10-photo pictorial set, including the interview, and published it on the Internet. The entire spread was leaked sending Hugh into a fury and Lindsay into shock, forcing Playboy to release the magazine early.

Who was responsible for stealing Hefner’s copyright and Lohan’s Playboy spread?

It was a Russian hacker who is now speaking out, and he told the Daily Mail that he’s done this type of thing before. However, someone else was responsible for creating the bogus spread, he stated, which was not obtained from Playboy. He says that someone else stole the Lohan photos, copied them, and uploaded the digital images to a website based in Russia.

The hacker then downloaded them and created an exact digital replica of the print issue, since the photos were scans of the actual print. Hugh, who never had to deal with an Internet leak before, was at a standstill feeling helpless.

The hacker said that he pieced everything together and posted the links, but then Playboy sent a cease and desist email and demanded that he take them down.

Hefner was looking forward to Lohan promoting her spread on ‘Ellen’ for the first time. However, it didn’t happen because every news site on the Internet was already running a story on it and showing the photo. Nevertheless, something else happened last week.

Lindsay went to Hawaii after the photo shoot with plans to go on ‘Ellen’ when she returned. At the last minute, she telephoned the producer and said someone stole her purse, which had her probation papers and $10,000 in cash. Lohan wanted to reschedule, but the show declined and scheduled someone else to take her spot.

Do you think Hugh Hefner will lose money on the Lindsay Lohan spread?