​Jacob Busch & Adrienne Maloof Have Broken Up Amid Cheating Rumor

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Jan, 17, 2015 | 6:53 PM

Jacob Busch and his cougar girlfriend Adrienne Maloof have split for good after he allegedly cheated on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star with Paris Hilton. Busch, 25, was confronted by the 53-year-old reality star after sources told her that he was hanging out with Hilton at her home, according to E! Online. It was reported back in November that the couple was fighting at home, which is just down the street from Hilton.

“Adrienne’s boyfriend, Jacob, has been seen going over to Paris’ house, which is very close to hers,” an insider said. “He never goes with Adrienne, and it’s obvious he isn’t going over there to borrow some sugar, or milk!”

The source said at the time that there “were major trust issues between Adrienne and Jacob … Adrienne just didn’t believe Jacob’s constant denials about what his relationship with Paris really was.”

Busch and Maloof were the talk of the Mulholland Estates neighborhood as rumors began circulating that he was spotted with the blonde at her mansion. Apparently, there are a lot of neighbors who are keeping tabs on Paris Hilton, Reality Tea reports. Hilton has settled down a lot from her past, but there are a few people peeking through their drapes to see who’s coming and going.

“Jacob and Paris have definitely been hanging out,” said the source. “Word has gotten back to Adrienne about the visits, and needless to say, she isn’t happy about it.”

This is one relationship that people say wouldn’t last. Jacob met Adrienne while attending a party for Robert Shapiro in 2013. Hilton has been single since her breakup with model River Viiperi.

Busch and Maloof had a lot of fun together, but the trust issues broke the relationship. If Jacob was cheating on her, then they don’t belong together. Sources say the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is already moving on and is doing just fine.

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