​James Arthur: Fame Brought Behavioral Struggles​​

James Arthur, who shot to fame less than a year ago after winning the X Factor, has had a rough time lately. He’s reportedly “struggling to cope with fame” according to James Arthur’s sister, and he’s experiencing some behavioral meltdowns.

The singer, who recently was forced to cancel tour dates after suffering “exhaustion,” is experiencing some dramatic times, and now his sister Sian has revealed everything.

“Sometimes I wish he’d never won X Factor,” she told The Mirror. “Despite finally having what he’s always wanted, he says he feels like a caged animal surrounded by yes-men and is really lonely.”

And apparently James turned down media training, which could explain his rather untimely tweeting habits.

“He turned down media training and I think he has really struggled with this new world,” Sian says.

James Arthur has suffered depression in the past, and it’s believed his family are worried he could be slipping back into old ways. The X Factor winner recently found himself in trouble after he used the word “queer” in a rap song which we are sure would not have been recommended at media training.

“He got so stressed about people thinking he was homophobic that doctors stepped in and told him to rest as he had acute exhaustion. My mum was ready to drive down in case he did something to himself.”

“He put it really simply to me, he just said, ‘Fame has mentally broken me.’”

Sian wants people to give James another chance.

“He’s human and people need to move on from a mistake that he made that he’s deeply, deeply sorry for.”

His sister wants people to listen to his music and realize that he’s a genuine person who has been through a lot, does everything for his family and is still trying to find himself.