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Jason Segel and Michelle Williams Buy House In Manhattan

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
10/25/2012 09:29 PM ET

It looks as though Michelle Williams is moving in with Jason Segel after the couple bought a house together in Brooklyn, New York. According to sources familiar with the relationship, the 32-year-old actress is leaving the home she shared with the late Heath Ledger.

It only took a few days for the pair to move into the new sprawling loft overlooking the Manhattan skyline, situated in a converted warehouse. Segel, also 32, has already been spotted outside his new home with Matilda, who turns 7 on Oct. 28.

“Michelle, Jason and Matilda seem very happy here, the building is beautiful,” the insider tells the Daily Mail. “They’ve been here a few months now and they look right at home.”

Williams and Ledger paid $3.6 million for their brownstone when they first moved in, but reportedly, the home is now worth $4.2 million. She and Matilda have been living there since Ledger passed away in January 2008 — five months after the couple split.

However, it seems Segel — who has been dating Williams since February — might just be the one to step in and be a father figure for Matilda, who was just 2 years old when Ledger died.

“I don’t want to have a girlfriend for the sake of having a girlfriend. I have no desire to pick a random girl,” the “How I Met Your Mother” star told Parade in March. “I want the right girl. There are plenty of opportunities, but I would rather have the right one.”

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