Jen Aniston Gets Aveeno Offer Worth Six Figures

06/22/2012 03:54 PM ET

Jennifer Aniston, 43, reportedly got a nice offer to join the beauty product line Aveeno, as their face of beauty.

Allegedly, the “Wanderlust” actress was offered a whopping eight-figure deal to act as the beauty product line’s spokeswoman.

If Jen accepts the deal, she will be taking over for Dutch fashion model and actress Daniella van Graas as the face of Aveeno.

“Jennifer would be great for the brand because she appears to be very natural,” an unnamed source told The New York Post. “The deal, still being negotiated, would be worth a lot of money, certainly eight figures.”

This won’t be Aniston’s first go around doing health and beauty campaigns; she has done a publicity campaign for SmartWater, and commercials for L’Oreal hair products among others.

Aveeno was founded in 1945, and it currently manufacturer’s skin care and hair-care products in the U.S.; they are well known for their “active natural” ingredients.

Their products include treatment for eczema, hives, poison ivy, psoriasis, poison oak, pruritus any, poison sumac, chicken pox, and sunburn.

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