Jennifer Aniston Rehab — Alcohol abuse? Jennifer Aniston will attend rehab, but the rumors are coming from unconfirmed sources on the matter. The actress is known for her liking of a little wine, but recently it has turned into a problem.

In addition to the multiple move flops, Anitson is still heartbroken over Brad Pitt and the divorce. Sources say that when she gets sloppy drunk she usually expresses her disgust for Angelina. The alcohol is just a way to cope with her situation.

Before the excessive drinking, Aniston turned to marijuana to relax or to ease herself, but one thing led to another and she turned to alcohol instead. Sources say she has turend from a weekly social drinker to a nightly loner chugging her way through a bottle.

Some sources say that Aniston’s problem is being helped by her recent friendship with Chelsea Handler. At the recent showing of People’s Choice Awards where Jennifer slurred her way through speaking showed the evident problem. She has yet to acknowledge it though.