​Jennifer Aniston SmartWater: Casual In Jeans Ad

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June 16, 2021

Jennifer Aniston appears in a new SmartWater ad campaign dressed casually in jeans and looking great. It’s always been rumored that Aniston wants Justin Theroux to stop posting muscular pictures of himself.

On June 15, Softpedia News reported that the actress is asking her man to stop overdoing it. She “is begging Justin to cool it with the free-weight workouts,” the site said. She is apparently turned off by his “ultra-muscular body.”

While she wants her man to be in shape, the recent photos of him creeps her out because his veins are popping out of his arms, legs, chest and neck. This is a couple that believe in health and fitness, but she wants him to look normal. As for Aniston, she is looking great in her latest advertising campaign.

Unlike last year’s SmartWater campaign, Aniston is featured in their Look Up advertisement with her head in the clouds. Their latest ad shows the blue-eyed beauty with her head in the clouds, while casually dressed in a white tank top and denim jeans.

“It’s amazing what can happen when your head’s in the clouds,” the ad reads. “We looked up and saw a different way to purify water by vapor-distilling it, so it’s pure and crisp like from a cloud, then adding electrolytes for a distinct taste. What will you see when you look up?”

Last summer, SmartWater unveiled an ad with Aniston lounging in bed while wearing a simple white tank and clutching her SmartWater bottle with her perfectly manicured fingertips. Not surprisingly, the former Friends star was looking absolutely angelic against the blue-sky backdrop, not unlike their latest ad.

The We’re the Millers star has been the face of SmartWater since 2007, but last year’s release was the first color campaign for the brand — the previous ads have all featured black-and-white images.

And it’s not all for show, either. Aniston has always been an advocate for drinking lots of water and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“I can never stress enough to my friends that they must do as I do…hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!” she told New York Magazine. “Drink lots of water, get enough sleep, exercise, and eat a clean healthy diet, whenever possible.”

The actress has a busy life this year. She’s been filming her new flick called Cake on location in Los Angeles. Aniston is playing a different role about a woman who becomes obsessed with someone at a chronic pain support group.