​Jennifer Lopez Arrives at Studio Wearing Same Dress​​

September 17, 2021

Jennifer Lopez debuted a chic summery outfit on Saturday, and then turned right around to wear the same dress the very next day as she headed into a Hollywood studio for a Sunday recording session. She must really like the wardrobe.

The stunning 44-year-old showed up at the studio with boyfriend Casper and her children, wearing stylish beige sandals and shades.

J-Lo wore exactly the same lightweight dress, only this time yellow replaced the pink and she wore noticeably different platforms and shades.

However, the dress, her hoop earrings and a neatly pulled back up-do remained intact, as the star clearly realized she was onto a winning combination. And it’s no wonder Jennifer replayed the day’s look, because it flattered her beautifully.

Once inside the studio, it seems Jennifer spent a little time with the one and only Robin Thicke, as her sister Lynda pointed out with a Twitter snap of the pair dancing side by side.

“uh oh…Walked into the studio to find this: @jlo @robinthicke …Can’t be nothing but trouble… :),” her sister wrote.

Whether it was for work or play, the pair looked to be having a whale of a time in the darkened room full of switches and keyboards.

Aside from exciting things apparently happening in the music studio, the star is set to return to American Idol. Jennifer has been paid a whopping $17.5 million salary to
return as a judge on the talent show next season.

That pay day is a nice jump up from the $15 million check she received for her last season.