​Jennifer Lopez Single Now After Long Trail Of Broken Relationships

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January 11, 2021

Jennifer Lopez is single now, despite rumors that she and ex-boyfriend Casper Smart are back together. The singer was previously dating the dancer after she divorced Marc Anthony, according to The Inquisitr. Jennifer told Us Weekly magazine that living alone has been really great for her.

”There was a time where I was just like ‘Ehhh, I’m just not going to deal with anybody, I just want to be on my own.’ Now I’m getting back into the mix. For right now, I just have no announcements to make.”

While Jennifer Lopez likes to be single now, the rumors about the 45-year-old and Casper came after the pair were reportedly spotted getting cozy at New Year celebrations in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. The two dated between October 2011 and June 2014. However, Jennifer finally admits that she was going through pain during her divorce with Marc Anthony, according to the Examiner.

“I remember being on the set and being in my dressing room and not feeling like I could get up in the morning and there’s just no pain like that. There’s no pain or failure like going through a divorce. That hope, that dream, that fairytale, with that first time that dream gets blown to pieces, you feel like you’re going to die. You feel like you failed. You feel like no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make it work.”

Jennifer released her new book, “True Love” in 2014, which revealed the biggest romances in her life. One of them was her engagement to Ben Affleck and her seven-year marriage to Marc Anthony. Today, she realizes the greatest love someone can have is self-love, and that’s why Jennifer Lopez is single now.

The singer said it was work for her to finally be on her own because that’s not a place that’s comfortable for her. She found it challenging to be home along in a big house, with her kids, and to do her job. It was J.Lo who finally realized that she can be single now without anybody in her life except for her family.

“I don’t need anybody else … I want somebody else, that would be nice, but I gotta be happy and whole on my own first. I gotta heal from things. You gotta give yourself time and space … to grow and to realize things about yourself, to become your own best friend, to love yourself. That’s what the book is about. The book is about realizing that one of the biggest keys to life is having love for yourself, love inside of you, knowing that the love inside of you is enough, that you are enough, having that self-worth. And then, once you’re okay there, then you can share that. Somebody can add to that happiness that you already have.”

Jennifer Lopez enjoys being single now, but she does leave behind a trail of broken romances. Jennifer and Marc separated in 2011 and ultimately divorced, the process of which was finalized this past June, notes Us Weekly. She and ex-boyfriend Casper Smart split that same month, after more than two years together.

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