​Jennifer Lopez Twins Cupcakes: Baking An Entire Batch For Birthday Party​​

Jennifer Lopez Twins Cupcakes - Jennifer Lopez spent some time with her twins by baking cupcakes in the kitchen for their fifth birthday party, and she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty for Max and Emme Anthony.

“Happy Birthday Coconuts!!! 5 years of joy and true love!!!,” the proud mother wrote on her Twitter account. In fact, she helped her kids whip up an entire batch of baked goods.

In the photo posted, Lopez is seen smiling in her sweats, looking proud of her baking job. The singer and actress recently just finished promoting Parker, her new film with Jason Statham baring some skin. Prior to that, she was most likely spending most of her time getting that banging body she shows off in the movie.

However, regardless of how famous she gets, and how stunning she looks at award shows, she keeps her kids first in her life, and stays down to Earth. We all know she easily could have called a bakery to get those cupcakes made!

February is a busy month for the mother and her ex-beau Marc Anthony. Marc’s son Cristian, who’s mother is his first wife Dayanara Torres, turned 12 earlier this month on Feb. 5. They had a party of him on Feb. 7, where Marc, Jennifer, Casper and Marc’s now ex-girlfriend Shannon De Lima all gathered to celebrate.

Sharing an adorable family photo on Twitter, Lopez wrote “Happy Birthday Cristian!”