​Jermaine Dupri Tax Troubles: $800k Tax Lien

Author: Jennifer HongBy:
Staff Reporter
Aug. 5, 2014

There are more troubles for Jermaine Dupri because his tax bill is adding to his troubles. Apparently, Dupri paid nearly double for his most-recent tax lien after the producer owed $493,818.75 after failing to pay the tax for the year 2007.

However, the principal was only $254,782.64. Extra fines included $91,721.75 in interest, a $64,969.57 penalty fee and a collection fee of $82,294.70.

So if you think the tax troubles were over, think again.

Dupri has been hit with another IRS bill totaling almost $800,000.

According to two separate tax liens filed by the IRS, Dupri needs to cough up tax dough from the years 2008, 2010 and 2011. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 2008: $646.47
  • 2010: $140, 889.76
  • 2011: $657,156.12

Grand total allegedly owed — $798,692.35. Calls to Dupri’s reps have not been returned.

Of course JD is no stranger to tax bills. He recently paid off a $3 million tax lien for unpaid taxes in 2006. Prior to that he coughed up $500k to the State of GA for unpaid taxes. We’re sensing a pattern.

Unfortunately, JD has been in the news lately more for his financial issues than his music. In late May, Dupri was reportedly in jeopardy of losing the rights to So So Def’s music due to an unpaid loan. Also, earlier this year his Atlanta home was under the threat of foreclosure because of a dispute the “Welcome To Atlanta” rapper had with the mortgage company.

Dupri may want to handle his troubles with Uncle Sam as soon as possible.

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