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Jessica Simpson Uploads Baby Maxwell Photos From Party

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
09/21/2012 08:00 PM ET

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson made baby pictures public Saturday as Maxwell Drew, now 4 months old, was the center of attention at her daddy’s birthday party.

“Last year at Daddy’s party, Maxwell was in my belly. This year she’s in my arms!” she wrote - posting two pics of the baby, one with Mom and one with Dad on Twitter.

Simpson, 32, is seen smiling broadly as she holds Maxwell close.

And Johnson - the Needham, Mass., native sporting a Red Sox cap - looks down dotingly on his bundle of joy, on his first birthday as a dad.

Simpson recently revealed her post-baby body on the debut on Katie earlier this month.

The star told Katie Couric, “My doctors told me [my pregnancy weight] was a lot of water, and when my water broke. … All the weight did not come out with the baby. I had to stay focused on my diet. I want to be as healthy as I can because I’m a mom now.”

However, she insists that she will not be putting any expectations as she grows up, the 32-year-old singer and actress says she wants to ensure her focus is on Maxwell’s own individuality.

“I think that we can easily put expectations on our children just by comparing them to other children,” she says in her blog post on iVillage. “I obviously want to know that my daughter is healthy, that I’m doing the right thing in taking care of her and she’s getting all the nutrients that she needs.”

The blonde star also says that she sympathizes with other new mothers who worry about doing everything right when it comes their babies. “I think all moms just want to make sure that they’re doing everything right, especially first-time moms,” Simpson said.


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