​Jessica Simpson White Swimsuit Reveals Incredible Weight Loss With Stronger Legs During 35th Birthday Celebration

Jessica Simpson White Swimsuit
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Jul, 16, 2015 | 8:56 PM

Jessica Simpson’s white swimsuit photo is from a tropical trip with her family as she’s busy celebrating her 35th birthday. She is making certain that this will be a birthday to remember, and has been dragging out the celebration, according to Daily Mail.

Simpson is showing off her amazing figure in a number of sexy looks, and it all started with a pose against a white wall. Unsurprisingly, Jessica just managed to one-up the last photo she posted to her social media account.

She wore a one-piece that enhanced her cleavage and legs. And to make the moment more glamorous, she added some platforms and coordinating sunnies, plus, a messy updo.

Jessica Simpson white swimsuit while on vacation

Jessica Simpson white swimsuit while on vacation

Jessica Simpson’s white swimsuit photo proves that her weight loss struggles are all in the past. Over the weekend, she shared a pic with her vacation “babes,” showing off her insane leg muscles.

“I’d been scrutinized about my weight before I got pregnant, so I refused to let anyone steal the joy of my babies,” she said earlier this year of enduring criticism after having her two children. “My husband [Eric Johnson] and I were looking at old pictures recently, and I asked him, ‘Babe, why didn’t you tell me to put the brownie down?’ He said, ‘You looked great.’ He’s always loved every curve on my body. And we’ve always had a healthy sex life.”

Simpson trains with celebrity workout guru Harley Pasternak, who shared her 4-step leg workout routine last year. The moves, he noted, make Jessica “genetically-gifted legs” even more amazing.

Still, she glad to get back to her two adorable children, 3-year-old Maxwell and 2-year-old Ace. She posted a cute picture of the siblings splashing in the pool on Tuesday.

Vacation friends visit for birthday party

Jessica celebrated her birthday in style last week in St. Barths with her family and friends. Simpson enjoyed a week-long VIP experience included three chartered airplanes, butlers on hand, and two giant yachts.

In 2010, she became engaged to Eric Johnson, a retired NFL tight end, whom she had been dating since early the same year. She married Johnson on July 5, 2021 in Montecito, California.

Jessica Simpson’s white swimsuit picture proves that life is great when you have a toned figure. She’s an inspiration to many people who are fighting weight loss.

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