​Jodie Foster Paternity To Be Kept Secret From Public​​

Jodie Foster spoke about everything but her children’s paternity while accepting her Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globes. The multiple award-winning actress has miraculously managed to keep the identity of her two son’s father a secret, which is unheard of in Hollywood.

The paternity is so secret that Foster’s boys don’t know the identity of their biological dad, and that the Oscar-winning actress doesn’t plan to tell them until they are 21 years old. It has long been rumored that the late Hollywood producer Randy Stone is the boys’ dad.

Stone passed away in Feb. 2007, from heart failure, he was 48. Charles, 14, and Kit, 12, who bare a striking resemblance to Stone, still have a long way to go before they find out who is responsible for their conception.

Reverend Beverly Bates, Stone’s mother has stated, “He said he could never tell me because Jodie was his best friend. He said ‘Mom, I can’t discuss this with you.’ He told me he had had to sign documents, it was a secret he took to his grave, that was how much he loved Jodie.”

She added: “He said ‘I can’t break my promise to Jodie’ — and he kept his promise to her.”