​Joe Francis Sentenced To County Jail​​

Joe Francis

Joe Francis has been sentenced to serve at least 270 days in the county jail, as well as 36 months of probation and ordered to complete Anger Management course. Francis also has to complete 1 year of psychological counseling.

​Joe Francis Sentenced To County Jail​​

The Los Angeles judge didn’t skip a beat with the Girls Gone Wild founder and expressed serious concerns with his explosive temper. The judge warned that it could get him in trouble in the future unless he learns how to control his temper. Bond was set at $250k.

Joe tried everything today from begging the court for mercy to filing a motion for a re-trial, which was shot down.

Joe’s lawyer is calling BS on the accusers — claiming he can now prove the women lied during the trial, and therefore, his client deserves another chance to prove his innocence.

Among his arguments, he claims the women’s story about not having cell phone reception at Joe’s mansion are untrue, and they have the phone records to prove it.

Joe also claims an accuser’s story that she was “choke slammed” on Joe’s tile floor is impossible because he doesn’t have tile anywhere in the house.

Three women had accused Joe of taking them to his Hollywood home after a night out, and refusing to let them leave. He was also accused of attacking one of the women, choke-slamming her head into his tile floor.

Joe was convicted on 5 charges total, including assault, 3 counts of false imprisonment, and 1 count of dissuading a witness from reporting.

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