​John Mayer Photoshop: Why did this singer use Photoshop on his image?

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December 31, 2020

John Mayer’s Photoshop attempt in a picture he sent out to social media on Sunday has many unanswered questions. The story began when many people thought Mayer’s face was a bit too smooth and blurry, according to Us Magazine. The image is a selfie of himself and pal Ricky Van Veen, and he made no mention of the edits in the caption.

“So good to see my friend Ricky again. It’s been a while.”

If you look closely at the photo, you can see their faces seem artificial. Their skin appears to be soft and ageless, as if the two people are glowing wax figures. All joking aside, what was John Mayer really trying to hide?

We all age, but most of us don’t get so caught up using Photoshop to edit our pictures. It doesn’t make sense to edit photos we share on social media. Now, the 37-year-old singer isn’t old enough to be worrying out wrinkles just yet.

John Mayer’s Photoshop picture is clearly very edited with several filters applied. We just don’t know if he applied all those filters intentionally or not, according to Jewish Business News. The singer definitely went overboard with some heavy edits, and one of his fans had this to say:

“John you look like sims characters … Fcking filtered to the max.”

Another clue as to the intent of the funny filtering could be Van Veen’s funnyman background. He is the founder of CollegeHumor.com after all. Was this just a joke, or did these two guys really thought they could pull one over on social media?

John Mayer’s Photoshop picture doesn’t represent the first star to use these tricks to look young. We’ve seen it with Kim Kardashian and Mariah Carey on countless occasions, notes Refinery29. If it was a joke, then Van Veen gets the last laugh from Mayer.

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