John Travolta Lawsuit Grows As Third Accuser Comes Forward


It’s hard to believe that this is still going on with John Travolta, that is, lawsuits alleging that he committed sexual assault by at least three men now that have come forwarded with some questionable allegations against the actor.

John Travolta

New evidence suggests that John was in New York at the time he is accused of committing sexual battery against a massage therapist in Los Angeles.

Some of the facts submitted were the private flight-tracking information being offered in the actor’s defense and a costume designer vouching for his whereabouts.

Early Thursday, flight information showing the actor’s plane leaving L.A. the evening of April 15 and arriving at a New York airport around 4 a.m. local time was published by TMZ, which had previously posted photos and a dinner receipt provided to several outlets by Travolta’s legal team that also indicated he was on the East Coast on the date the assault is alleged to have occurred.

“Killing Season” costume designer Denise Wingate went on the record Thursday on the actor’s behalf, telling TMZ that she had taken the wardrobe shots and was in Travolta’s Greenwich Hotel suite with four other people for more than three hours on the afternoon of April 16. She said she also fitted “Killing Season” costar Robert De Niro at the hotel that same day and observed Travolta running lines for the movie.

However, the New York Post noted that there was nothing on the recent photos to prove they were taken in New York, TMZ was comparing marble seen in the background of the pictures with a sales shot of a bathroom at the hotel where Travolta was staying. Martin Singer, Travolta’s attorney, told the Post that the pictures had been taken at the designer’s lower Manhattan studio, adding that his team also had flight logs and a hotel receipt to prove his client’s whereabouts.

In addition, a manager at Mr. Chow’s restaurant, where the receipt came from, vouched for Travolta’s presence at the restaurant with several others the night of April 16, the Post said.

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