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John Travolta Assault Lawsuit - Third Victim Comes Forward

05/10/2021 07:33 PM ET

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding John Travolta for the past few days now, and although it doesn’t look like the drama isn’t going away, there might be a restaurant employee and a receipt that might save the day.

And now a third victim has come forward.

In fact, it could prove John’s innocence, in the wake of a second unidentified masseur who filed a sexual battery claim. The lawyer for both plaintiffs reveals there could very well be more complaints on the way. This could the beginning of multiple lawsuits to come.

“I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls from a lot of men in the massage industry who have the same allegations, the same stories,” attorney Okorie Okorocha told Splash News Online in a video obtained by TMZ. “They come up with facts that weren’t in the complaint, but my other clients have mentioned.”

Okorocha added that while he has only filed on behalf of the two plaintiffs, he has every intention of including more individuals in the lawsuit.

“I’ve only had the resources to vet the two John Does that I have filed so far,” he said. “But there’s a lot more coming out of the woodwork.”

Meanwhile, possible new evidence has emerged that may back the claim made by Travolta’s lawyer, Marty Singer, that his client wasn’t even on the West Coast on Jan. 16, the date John Doe No. 1 insists an incident occurred.

TMZ has posted a receipt dated Jan. 16 from Mr. Chow, a popular Chinese eatery in New York, that is said to be from the movie star’s meal there as well as an image of Travolta standing in the rain that was supposedly taken in the Big Apple on the same day.

However, when E! News asked Okorocha about the supposed evidence, he said, “The receipt is from midnight, and client was assaulted at 10 a.m. Easy to see happening.”

Both sides are standing firm as Travolta’s reputation takes a hit.

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