​Johnny Depp Pact With Girlfriend On Dating​​

September 1, 2021

Johnny Depp has always done strange things from time to time, and his dating life is no different because he’s currently in a relationship with Amber Heard. Depp recently made a secret pact with her since she is bisexual.

The 50-year-old “Pirates of the Caribbean” tells Heard that she can see other women as long as he remains number one in her life. It’s kind of unusual, but whatever makes a relationship work. Heard previously dated female photographer Tasya van Ree for four years before she made the decision to take in to the next level with Depp.

A bisexual will date either men or women, but they don’t usually date them at the same time while they’re in a relationship.

“Johnny always knew this aspect of her life was important and he says as long as she makes it clear he’s her number one, she can do whatever she likes. It’s liberating for both of them,” a source close to the couple says. “They are both very honest and open with each other and this pact has just made them stronger as a couple.”

Another stipulation, in the pact, is that Heard must be completely honest with Depp about who and what she is doing with the other women. The source continues saying: “Amber’s always been honest with Johnny and told him from the start that she can’t change who she is, and that she’ll always be interested in women as well as men. He has now promised her it’s fine if she has someone on the side, as long as they’re the same sex.”

Perhaps Depp is living a man’s fantasy, but it definitely sounds odd. Some people wonder why the couple are in a relationship if she has to be “liberating” by dating women.