Joseline Hernandez Breaks Down At BET Hip Hop Awards

Joseline Hernandez reportedly left the BET Hip Hop Awards in tears as the show was taped in Atlanta last week. According to witnesses in attendance, Hernandez didn’t like the spotlight she received at her own expense, which is quite different than what we’ve seen in her Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality show. It only took a few minutes for Joseline to become a trending topic on Twitter after attendees claimed she was the brunt of many of the jokes during the show.

The BET Hip Hop Awards was recorded in Atlanta on September 20th, but it won’t air for the public until October 14, 2014. While the jokes about her were funny, the Puerto Rican Princess didn’t take it too well. She is always heard dishing up one liners on every episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but she doesn’t take it too well when the tables are turned.

After the way Hernandez has consistently behaved on the show one would think she would have been able to handle a few jokes coming her way. Apparently not, she was backstage crying instead of laughing along with everyone else.

Fans of the show were shocked to learn that the Joseline was reduced to tears after seeing her flip over tables and lash out at cast members, including her husband. Attendees of the awards show may have started the conversation via Twitter but fans quickly joined the mix with tweets such as:

“Joseline stop all the d**n crying. When you acting ratchet and putting your business out there, what you expect.”

Another person, who felt no sympathy for Joseline Hernandez, tweeted:

“I know the chick who goes everywhere ready to fight ain’t crying over no jokes. Now she wants to be a princess - LOL”

Joseline Hernandez is a strong person, but she does have a painful past. Before being discovered by Stevie J, she performed as an exotic dancer. She gained fame from reality TV as the girl who takes no mess and attacks anyone that crosses her the wrong way.

Most may say that Joseline is a queen of drama on her Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality show. Fans are still talking about her erratic behavior on the reunion show. That’s when Hernandez appeared to be out of control as she viciously attacked multiple cast members. Security did their best to harness her antics but failed miserably as she went from person to person swinging.

Multiple reports emerged after the episode aired stating her behavior was indeed a result of drug issues, as co-star Benzino mentioned before the fight began. A lawsuit filed after the fight stating Joseline Hernandez smoked crack before the show was taped. It has also been alleged that she and her man Stevie J’s addictions are so bad they have emptied their bank accounts and lost their mansion trying to support their drug habit.

Supposedly Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J are leaving Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to star in their own spin-off reality show. Hernandez is guaranteed to bring the drama. However, things are changing because she is having a baby.

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