​Josh Brolin Punches Bouncer, Yells At Cab Driver​​

November 4, 2021

Josh Brolin ended a night of drinking with a bar fight with a bouncer on Saturday in Santa Monica. Brolin was apparently so drunk that he ran out of energy after the first punch with a bodyguard, but the staff helped him find a cab.

The first incident, was also captured on video and shows the 45-year old actor shouting at the taxi driver at the fast food restaurant, some time after midnight Friday morning, and shortly before the second incident occurred.

According to TMZ, Brolin hit the back of the cab while waiting to pay in the drive-thru line, but when the cabbie tried to swap insurance info he reportedly got angry and claimed there was just a minor scratch.

The taxi driver didn’t agree with the Planet Terror star’s assessment which according to onlookers led to Josh shouting “you suck as a cab driver.”

Not the first time… The actor got into a previous bar fight on New Year’s Day

The video-taker said Brolin drove off when the cabbie pulled out of the drive in queue, leaving the actor with the potential to be landed with a hit and run charge.

The second incident happened afterwards when the 45-year-old Labor Day star, who announced his split from actress Diane Lane earlier this year after eight years of marriage, reportedly flipped out when he was told the O’Briens Irish Pub was closing for the night.

The Gangster Squad star was unimpressed when he was told to go home and began throwing punches, none of which appeared to connect with their intended target, according to video footage obtained by gossip website TMZ.com.

The bouncer managed to avoid getting hurt before one of his colleagues stepped in and urged Josh to stop. The actor hugged the bouncer after he brushed off the incident, insisting: “We were just hugging.” The pub’s staff member then accompanied Josh to the side of the road to help him hail a taxi.

They even attempted to protect his privacy when approached by a persistent female fan.

He asked her to leave them alone and insisted: “I got him, I got him. He’s fine.”

The duo then shared another warm embrace. But this wasn’t Brolin’s first bar brawl in Santa Monica. He was arrested for public intoxication just before midnight on January 1. Following, he was booked into jail at 3:02 AM and then released at 7:14 AM.