Joyce Dewitt and Suzanne Somers Reunion - 30 Years Later

02/03/2021 05:48 AM ET

Joyce DeWitt and Suzanne Somers reunited recently for the first time in 30 years, sitting down for the Thursday episode of Somers’ “Breaking Through” Web series, revisiting their “Three’s Company” time together and remembering their last conversations with John Ritter.

It was a chat Joyce DeWitt ultimately pegged as “unexpected, way cool, pretty wonderful,” while Somers dubbed it “a teaching moment in reconciliation and resolution.”

“I do want you to know how much I learned from watching you, and I do want you to know how awed by all your ‘subtext,’ which I’d never heard the word,” the one with the business mind (Somers) told the one with the drama training (DeWitt). “And you’re the first person who told me we were doing farce, and at first I thought we were talking about farts or something but … I really didn’t know anything.”

DeWitt said she never thought the producers would let Somers go after five years, and the two agreed that those in charge “could not respect the feminine contribution” — meaning, could not see why the men and women on the show should be paid equally.

Whatever the women’s “ick” may have been that kept them apart over the years, they put it aside for the three-part webisode (part two is above, part one below). Warmly remembering Ritter, who died suddenly in September 2003, they praised his comedic gifts and then got down to business, discussing his possible, ahem, liaisons on set.

“I think Jonathan and a lot of our guest stars,” um, ya-know ya-know, DeWitt hinted.

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