Justin Bieber Gets No Love On David Letterman

Justin Bieber was the brunt of jokes on the “Late Show,” with Selena Gomez as the guest. While being interviewed by David Letterman, the topic was swiftly changed over to the Bieber.

“Are you dating boys now?” asked Letterman. Gomez answered, “No, not yet.”

“Last time you were here you were with a Justin Bieber, and that’s not going on now,” asked Letterman.

“No I’m single,” said Gomez. “I’m so good.”

The audience applauded the “Spring Breakers” star as Letterman began speaking about Bieber’s last visit to the show.

“He said something, and I said something, and I made him cry,” said Letterman.

Gomez laughed before saying, “well then, that makes two of us.”

The audience applauded loudly, and Letterman gave Gomez a fist-bump.

On Monday, Bieber was asked to leave the Hotel Le Meurice, after his fans found out that he was staying there.

Shortly after the incident, French journalist Jean-Marc Morandini took to his blog to share the news.

“Justin Bieber has just been kicked out of the Meurice Hotel in Paris,” he wrote. “It was a decision taken by the management of the luxury hotel because of his attitude in the establishment, and because of the nuisance caused by the presence of his fans around the buildings.”

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