​Justin Bieber Fined For Reckless Driving In Residential Area​​

By: | 05/08/2021 06:13 PM ET

Justin Bieber might be fined after he reportedly took a joy ride around his Calabasas neighborhood in a brand-new Ferrari.

Justin Bieber Fined

When a 47-year-old neighbor confronted Bieber about his allegedly reckless driving in the residential area, the two exchanged heated words. According to reports, the pop star even spit on the man during the confrontation.

Though authorities aren’t looking to lock Bieber up, they are suggesting he gets counseling, TMZ reports. Their approach to his first-time offense mirrors the steps that would be typically taken in a case like this.

Counseling may be just what the teenage international superstar needs because of his recent ups and downs. On another speeding excursion, Bieber reportedly racked up a number of traffic fines in Dubai, which is one of his tour stops where he was also attacked by a crazed fan on stage.
But manager Scooter Braun thinks Bieber is doing just fine and going through what any teen would.

“He’s incredibly busy,” he told MTV News at the Time 100 event in New York City in April. “And he’s in a really good place and he’s just onstage and then he just goes back home, literally, writes songs, hangs out. He’s just a normal kid having a good time and, you know, I think a lot of people have been taking shots lately. But I think he’ll overcome that and, long term, people will see what it is and he’ll express himself in the music.”

And that’s just what Bieber is doing as he’s been working on new music while on the road and writes a lot in his music journals. Hopefully he’ll stay out of trouble as he has a few days off in South Africa before his performance in Johannesburg on May 12 after his Cape Town show on Wednesday.