​Kaley Cuoco Hairdo Covered Black Eye​​

Actress Kaley Cuoco appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to set the record straight about those fake bangs she wore as part of her hairdo at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in January.

Kaley Cuoco Hairdo

Though critics panned the actress’ red carpet hairstyle, the 27-year-old actress said she just wanted to cover up an embarrassing black eye.

“It was really, really bad,” Cuoco said of the black eye and stitches she received during a fight scene for “Big Bang Theory,” just a week before the SAG Awards.

“So I decided to have the brilliant idea to get bangs. As you can see, I don’t have bangs, so I had to get fake bangs,” Cuoco said, against the advice of her style team.

I have a group of people that I pay to tell me “no,” or to say, “don’t do that.” A bunch of [stylists] said, “Let’s maybe not do the bangs,” but I wanted to wear them because it covered my eye, and I was really insecure about this huge black eye.

“These bangs, which I’ve named Bev, almost ruined my entire career,” Cuoco said, showing Kimmel her shaggy fake fringe.

“You look like a country singer,” Kimmel quipped.

Do critics have anything else to do than pick on Cuoco’s bangs and hairdo?