​Kaley Cuoco Pink Hair Brows: Actress Joins Ranks Of Other Pink Hair Celebrities To Dye Natural Look

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May, 27, 2015 | 3:56 PM

Kaley Cuoco has pink hair and brows to mark a move that joins the ranks of other celebrities as they dye their natural look. The Big Bang Theory actress recently went back to her bubblegum look and decided to do some touch-ups, according to Us Magazine.

Cuoco, 29, uploaded a few new photos to Instagram unveiling her coordinating eyebrows and style. A lot of celebs have left their brows their natural color when they dyed their hair, but Kaley obviously couldn’t get enough of the color.

“While it’s temporary, she looks great,” her publicist said. “We opted to do something fun and the look says it all”

Kaley Cuoco and her pink hair brows is just one look that many celebrities have done. We all know that Katy Perry dyed her hair purple one year when she showed up on the red carpet.

Kaley Cuoco pink hair brows is like bubblegum paint from dye

“Fresh coat of paint,” Cuoco captioned in the above photo taken last Saturday. Kaley also gave credit to Andy LeCompte Salon hair colorist Vanessa Spaeth (who was also behind her last fluorescent hair look).

Cuoco also added said “paint” to her brows Monday for a photoshoot, resulting in a dramatic (though likely not long-lived) punk-y look, a big departure for the normally all-American actress. Kaley looks great with any hair color.

Prior to the brow makeover, the actress took her bright new do for a spin at a backyard outing over the long weekend. Based on the smiles in the photo, husband Ryan Sweeting loves the new look just as much as he did the first time around.

“Ryan loved my pink hair,” Kaley Cuoco said. “He’s really cute about that. He’s one of those people who is like, ‘You’re beautiful every which way.’ But he loved the pink. Every time he looked at me, he was like, ‘Oh, it’s like I got a new wifey in town!'”

Cuoco first debuted the pink highlights in April and decided to do it again during the Memorial Day weekend. Kaley took it a step further by dyeing her brows too.

When Kaley first showed off her pink hair last month, she told fans she’d been wanting to try the hair hue for a long time. “Have wanted to do this for years! Finally went pretty in pink! Thank you @vspaeth for giving me such a special color! Obsessed,” Cuoco captioned the pic.

But some fans still like the blonde look she wears in The Big Bang Theory TV series. Even so, Kaley Cuoco has pink hair and brows for now and will probably change it again when she begins filming the series.

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