​Kanye Bump Grows After Signpost Accident​​

By: | 05/12/2021 01:25 PM ET

Kanye West has a large bump on his head after he ran into a signpost on Friday while on a lunch date with pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

Kanye Bump

The 35-year-old looked grumpy as he left Kim’s house the next morning in Los Angeles sporting a giant protrusion just below his hairline, and two scabs appeared to have formed.

Kanye is known for looking glum even at the best of times, but the rapper appeared in a particularly foul mood as he made his way across his reality star girlfriend’s front lawn early in the morning.

The bump was especially prominent from a distance as it protruded in a mound from his forehead and upclose, it was clear that he had broken skin.

Kanye was dressed down in baggy dark jeans, a grey hoodie and white-and-grey Nike trainers while carrying a portable device and his cellphone.

He was likely still recovering after Friday’s painful - and somewhat embarrassing - incident, which occurred as he and Kim made their way into Vietnamese eatery in 9021 Pho in Beverly Hills.

He was busy chatting to his girlfriend when he walked into the signpost, immediately bending over in pain as he placed his head in his hands.

“Are you ok?” Kim looked on with concern after Kanye knocked his head on the signpost on Friday in Beverly Hills.

Making the incident even more embarrassing was the fact that the sign was emblazoned with a warning that read: “Caution: Watch For Pedestrians.”