​Kardashian Sisters Respond To ‘Hurtful Lies’ About Their Partners​​

​Kardashian Sisters

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian are three sisters that are fed up with so many “hurtful lies” and rumors about their private life, and they have unleashed a few words to clear up a few stories that keep appearing in the tabloids.

Although the reality TV stars live a very exposed life, the family says that not everything you read is true or fact.

“It’s so sad when some publications make up such hurtful lies,” new X-Factor host, Khloe, admits to Us Weekly. Those “hurtful lies” include claims that she and husband, Lamar Odom, are divorcing because she has not bore a child to him yet.

Kim Kardashian faces her own rumors involving boyfriend, Kanye West. Tabloids and the Internet have been trending with claims that she is “pregnant and alone” and planning a “surprise wedding” to West.

Kim admits that although her scandalous divorce to Kris Humphries has yet to be finalized, she is content with her life.

“I’m happy with my life the way that it is,” Kim says to Us Weekly.

While certain rumors are false, other scandalous activities from the Kardashian are true. For instance, Kim’s 72-day marriage to Humphries, Khloe’s nip slip on X-Factor, and Kourtney’s rocky relationship with boyfriend and father of children, Scott Disick.

Check out the rest of the Kardashian sisters’ response to rumors in Us Weekly in stands.

However, as long as they live public lives, there’s no plan for the paparazzi to give up anytime soon.

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