​Kate Gosselin Gets Offer To Host TV Job Naked

Staff Reporter
May. 22, 2014

Kate Gosselin has been offered a new TV hosting gig that would require the mother of eight to take her clothes off for Vivid Entertainment’s new cable division. In fact, the deal was on the table and ready to be signed, until the reality star read the fine print. The company needs to know this week.

“We have binders full of women who would love the job, but you’re definitely our first choice,” CEO Steven Hirsch wrote in a letter to Gosselin about the TV gig, clearly making a Mitt Romney joke.

Gosselin wants to be back on TV, but it probably won’t be with this hosting gig. People are already comparing her to Octomom, questioning whether or not she would do any type of pornography to support her family. However, she doesn’t appear to be desperate in any way.

Gosselin already owns her home, which was bought and paid for by TLC when she did the reality TV show. It was a smart move because Octomom is still paying rent to support her children. In addition, she has another gig that still brings in income from her books and other sources.

“Just finished a long SUPER fun project…so good to be home but what a great time had by all involved!….A fun bright future lies ahead,” Gosselin wrote on twitter.

In fact, Gosselin has faced a series of losses, since first splitting with husband Jon Gosselin following the couple’s rise to fame on “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” After the couple’s split the show was changed to “Kate Plus 8” in 2009, but never hit off before being canceled by TLC.

The starlet was then selected to appear on the 10th season of “Dancing With the Stars.” However, she was surprised to get knocked off in April 2010, despite a number of criticisms from the judge.

“She was sure she’d make it to the final four,” a source told Us Weekly magazine after the boot. “Kate misses the media coverage. She got used to the publicity.”

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