​Actress Kate Hudson’s Marriage Won’t Happen Now​​

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January 29, 2021

Kate Hudson isn’t planning for marriage, even though she’s been seeing Muse rocker Matthew Bellamy for three years now. On Jan. 28, Hudson appeared on “Live With Kelly & Michael” and explained why no wedding bells are ringing just yet.

“Are you planning a big wedding to your fiance?” cohost Michael Strahan asked.

“No, I’m planning nothing right now. I’m so busy, we’ve been so busy and it’s been great. I come from an unconventional family — they’re not married, my parents aren’t married,” Hudson explained of mom Goldie Hawn and her longtime partner Kurt Russell, who she affectionately calls dad. (Hawn split from Hudson’s biological father, Bill Hudson, in 1980.) “So there’s a part of me that goes, if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right. And I’m going to take the time to really plan it right . . . And it’s a lot. Planning a wedding is a lot! I mean, I did a movie about planning a wedding and that was a lot, let alone actually planning a wedding!” the Bride Wars star joked. “So, no. Not anytime soon, no.”

Hudson has had her hands full raising her two boys. “Ryder just turned 10, which is so crazy and he’s such a dude,” she said of her son with ex-husband Chris Robinson. “Bing is two and a half and it’s just going [by fast],” Hudson added of her son with Bellamy, 35. “He is a drummer … That’s all he wants to do.”

In addition to motherhood and acting, Hudson’s latest business venture may also be a reason why her wedding has been on hold. The Wish I Was Here actress launched Fabletics, an activewear line, in October 2013.

“It’s great, but it’s affordable,” she told co-host and fitness enthusiast Kelly Ripa of the clothing. “As I get older and start to delve into other aspects of my life, this was something that I really wanted to do to reach women who wanted to make different types of goals for themselves . . . I just think women creating a mind-body experience and making those goals for themselves is super important.”