​Kate Upton Social Media: Interview With Kate Upton Tells-All

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August 11, 2021

Kate Upton blames social media for not posing nude like top models Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

According to The Spreadit, Kate Upton has no plans to show her private parts to the world because of social media. She revealed a secret that her image will be perceived in the wrong way. The model is featured in a new interview in a magazine. So far, she’s been doing what she wants with her career.

She told Details magazine:

“For me those photos are art. Your body is art, your body is beautiful, and to be photographed in that way is amazing and it’s received in a very positive way. But with social media and the Internet and not so great blogs and the attention like that, I don’t think that my pictures would be received in the way that I’d want them to be received … That’s why I’ve stayed away from them. I really appreciate those photos and I think those women are beautiful, but I think social media and the Internet has prevented me from putting myself out there like that.”

Kate Upton may be afraid of social media, but she does want to be part of a big-time fashion ad campaign, which she hasn’t done yet. While she gets plenty of offers to get in fashion campaigns, she had to decline because her career is moving at a such a rapid pace. She wants to hit all the top things, such as Italian Vogue with Steven Meisel, but she also wants to shoot a movie.

The 21-year-old talks about being in a good place right now. She feels like the fashion world has welcomed her and nobody takes her as a threat. If anything, the industry feels that she promotes fashion.

Kate Upton has been traveling everywhere while trying to do everything she can. She has previously been touted for her social media savvy, so it makes sense that she would be so cautious about posing nude. Perhaps things are moving too fast now, as the model finds it hard to do everything she wants to do.

Instead of taking it all off, Upton has been expanding her range as of late, hitting the big screen with Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, and Nicki Minaj in The Other Woman, and going high-fashion for the September cover of ELLE UK.

While Kate Upton may be weary of social media, she is still active on Twitter and Instagram. Kate regularly shares (clothed) personal photos and shots of her modeling gigs via Instagram, and sends messages to her baseball player boyfriend Justin Verlander via Twitter.