​Katerina Netolicka Found Dead: Hockey Player’s Girlfriend Found Dead With Dogs

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November 16, 2021

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Katerina Netolicka was found dead along with her pet dogs in her apartment after her brother became concerned after unanswered calls.

Netolicka was a the top model from the Czech Republic who had been the face of L’Oreal and Prada, according to The Spreadit. She is also a champion kick-boxer and lived with her boyfriend of five years, professional ice hockey player, Jakub Petruzalek and their two dogs. A police spokeswoman said the woman’s death is still a mystery.

“The cause of death is at this moment unknown and we have requested an autopsy.”

As Katerina Netolicka is found dead, the news has shocked friends and family. Concerned that she had not answered his calls, he went to her home and broke down the front door. He found her slumped in her bath alongside the dogs, which were also dead.

The model just celebrated her birthday only 11 days ago. Petruzalek, 29, was away in Russia for a game at the time. One friend told media that Netolicka had a history of depression and self-harm.

“One minute she was very happy, almost ecstatic … Then sometimes she was depressed and used to self-harm.”

While Katerina Netolicka is found dead, many have said she was in a good state mentally at the time of her death. Adrian Smrcka told CEN Katerina was happy with her boyfriend, according to the Examiner.

“I know she had stopped self-harming and was very happy with her boyfriend … Maybe she got a spasm after kickbox training, or maybe it was a stroke. I really don’t know what could have happened.”

Jakub Petruzalek is a Czech hockey player. He was drafted by the New York Rangers, 266th overall in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft. Before having a chance to play for the Rangers, he was traded to the Carolina Hurricanes along with a fifth-round conditional pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft for Brad Isbister.

Petruzalek eventually left the Carolina Hurricanes iand signed with Lukko of the SM-liiga for the 2009–10 season.[3] For the 2011–12 season, Petruzalek signed a contract with Amur Khabarovsk of the KHL.

Katerina Netolicka had been dating Jakub Petruzalek for five years and the couple lived together. He was out of the country in Russia with the Kontinental Hockey League when Katerina Netolicka was found dead. Some people speculate that he may be a suspect or that relationship woes led her to take her own life.

The body of Katerina Netolicka was with her beloved dogs, who were also deceased. This raises a lot of questions. All three coincidentally having strokes at the same time is almost mathematically impossible. Some fans have been posting these questions on social media.

“If she killed herself, did she kill them first? Were they all poisoned? Was there a carbon monoxide leak? Did someone else kill all three of them?”

A model who worked with Katerina Netolicka in the past, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the New York Post she had bipolar tendencies — and worse.

“One minute she was very happy, almost ecstatic. Then sometimes she was depressed and used to self-harm.”

Police have launched an investigation, but no cause or manner of death seems particularly obvious. The incident has been mysterious ever since Katerina Netolicka was found dead. Our hearts go out to the young beauty’s loved ones, who we’re sure are even more anxious for answers.

As Katerina Netolicka is found dead, fans can only remember her soaring career. She worked internationally as a model since 2004, was Cover Girl, among other things for the magazines Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. Most recently she worked for Prada, H & M and L’Oréal under contract, notes The Inquisitr. In October 2014, she was Czech Champion in kickboxing.