Katt Williams Slap, Explains Why He Darted In Chase

After being arrested several times in two states over the last month and a half, Katt Williams tries to explain a slap in one incident, that involved a Target employee while riding out of the store on a scooter and leading police on a wild chase.

The November 25th incident was caught on a Sacramento, CA. store surveillance camera and shows Williams slapping the employee after what seemed to be a calm conversation between the two. Police were called afterwards, and Williams fled from police on his three-wheeled motorcycle in which he drove on busy downtown sidewalks almost running over several people.

Now according to TMZ, at a recent stand-up show, Katt Willaims explained what happened between him and the Target employee named Forrest Liebenberg.

Williams says that, Liebenberg said to him during thier conversation, “Your assistant is already suing you, you p**sy ass n***er.”

The comment is in reference to a pending lawsuit levied against the comedian by his former assistant who is suing him for $5 million for allegedly punching her.

After the comment Williams said he asked Liebenberg in the third-person form, “Did you just say the n-word in front of Katt Williams?” Williams claims the employee responded, “You say it all the time.”

Williams said he basically threatened the employee to say it again which he called a warning, “Say it again and see what happens.” As it turns out though Williams slapped the employee anyway when he would not repeat the “n-word” comment.

Police ended up calling the chase off after the incident due to the fact it was endangering other citizens, and a warrant was issued. After returning to Sacramento two weeks later from a trip to Washington, were Williams was arrested for a bar brawl incident, he was picked up and arrested on the outstanding warrant for failing to stop for police.

Liebenberg has also since been fired by Target without any reason given publicly as to why.

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