​Katt Williams Sued: Car Dealer Wants His Money For SUV​​

Katt Williams has been in a lot of trouble lately with police, but now he’s being sued by a guy named Khosrow Gharib, who claims he sold the comedian a 2002 Ford Expedition on October 30, 2012, and has not received payment for it, according to documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Cout.

Williams owes Gharib $7,500, which is the Kelly Blue Book value of the car, and the dealer has tried to get the comedian to pay, but every promise has been broken.

It’s unclear if Williams is avoiding Gharib or if there’s simply a miscommunication problem, but what is known is the fact that Katt has been acting strange for several months.

Prior to being sued this time around, Williams has been arrested multiple times and has faced other lawsuits, but his bizarre behavior has disappointed fans who looked up to him.

For example, he recently accused of slapping a Target employee in the face. The incident, which was actually caught on camera and released online, is said to have gotten the employee fired from the popular retail chain.

Weeks later, Williams was again caught on camera hitting someone, although this time it was one of his own fans. Upset that he was being recorded on camera without his consent, Williams walked off stage during one of his shows and hit the fan with his microphone.

It’s really a sad situation because Williams is either calling out for help or is purposely destroying his career and life.

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